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Anitra Brown

Al Gore Cleared In Massage Scandal

By August 2, 2010

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Former vice-president Al Gore has been cleared in the sexual assault case filed by Molly Hagerty, a massage therapist who gave Gore an in-room massage at at Portland hotel in 2006.

Hagerty's story, which probably everyone has heard by now, is that Gore wanted a "happy ending" during a massage, was pushy about it, and made sexual overtures after the massage.  Gore said he remembered a pleasant but uneventful massage.

I thought the whole thing was strange from the start. Massage therapists know that some men push the boundaries, especially during in-room massage, and are trained with how to deal with it.  Hagerty was in the room for three hours, billed him for it, and said, "Show me what you want me to do," when Gore allegedly said he wasn't getting what he wanted.

That's not what massage therapists typically say when they're with someone who is groaning and asking for work on their inner thighs, as she claimed.

But then there was the photo of her holding up a plastic bag with trousers in it, claiming it was evidence.  Shades of Monica Lewinsky! That image was so damning.

It turns out that the pants had no seminal fluid.  None. Hagerty failed a polygraph test.  She was paid for her story to The National Enquirer.

And she told investigators she called Gore immediately after the alleged incident and "told him to 'dream of redheaded women'" (something Gore also says he doesn't remember).

We don't really know what happened in the room.  Gore was cleared, but that doesn't mean nothing happened-- it means no charges will be filed.

Maybe Gore asked for a "happy ending."  Or maybe Hagerty is nuts.   No matter what the truth, both their reputations have been damaged.

August 2, 2010 at 9:01 pm
(1) Noko says:

I’ve been following this story, and I had the same initial reaction you did — I kind of expected a denouement like this. Unfortunately in any profession, including ours, you can find people who are not wrapped very tight.

Curious though: what is your source for that “dream of redheaded women” business? I had not seen that anywhere else.

Maybe it’s because I have red hair myself but I’ve been a little annoyed at how consistently the news stories emphasized this woman’s appearance and especially hair color. I get the feeling the general media are happy to perpetuate the snigger that often accompanies the words massage, masseur or masseuse. Dammit.

August 3, 2010 at 12:12 pm
(2) Anitra says:

That came from a news story by KGW News in Portland. It comes from the memo that Michael D. Schrunk, D.A., which also says there was NO SECURITY DETAIL outside the room! (She had said he had a security detail of three people and said she was afraid she would be “tazed” and that’s why she stayed.) The story has links to that if you’re interested! After reading it, I think, Ms. Hagerty must have mental problems.


August 4, 2010 at 1:11 am
(3) zico says:

@Ms brown,
.” Massage therapists know that some men push the boundaries, especially during in-room massage, and are trained with how to deal with it”.

It has become national past time to blame men for everything ; however, some women ( little less in number if compared to men) also push the boundaries, but they are very unlikely to be charged for it, moreover , they can charge men for their own disrespectful behaviour ( behavior in American) if men don’t comply with it. see this;


Of course, there are rotten apples in the masculine lot—there are rotten apples in female barrel as well.*
As nobody complains they continue to get away with it.
BTW-I would urge all men to go for “Male2Male” massage ; for it’s much more interesting and satisfying.

Best wishes

August 16, 2010 at 7:33 am
(4) Travel Help says:

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