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Anitra Brown

An Easier Way to Do Hot Stone Massage

By November 29, 2012

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Most people like hot stone massage, but it's a little tricky for people who want to give a hot stone massage at home. There's a lot of set-up before and clean-up afterwards. It's easy to burn someone if you don't know what you're doing. They're also hot for the person who is handling them. Finally, they cool off, and you have to reheat them in a bath of hot water. Now you know why a hot stone massage is more expensive than a regular massage!

But a massage therapist friend, Joachim Becker of New Jersey Holistic Health Services, introduced me to The Spa Rock, a set of electric hot stones with several nice features. First, they don't take long to heat up. They stay hot for the entire treatment. And they're only hot on one side, so the the therapist or "giver" is holding something cool.

They look similar to the black basalt river stones that are commonly used in spa treatments. And they're easy to clean in soap and water.

The "spa rocks" start off a little hot, so Joachim runs them quickly over your sheet-covered back a few times before slowing down the stroke and actually using them on your skin. They felt pretty nice.

Joachim used them in an at-home massage, where I never could have had a hot stone massage. The only thing that's a little hard to take is the price: $399.00 for a set of two electric rocks and a charger.

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