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Anitra Brown

Resolutions For Spa-Goers

By December 31, 2012

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I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions because it's so hard to make them stick. But I started thinking about what my spa resolutions should be, and here's the list I came up with.

1) Get to the spa earlier. I never seem to leave enough time to really relax and enjoy all the amenities like the steam room, which help warm up my muscles before a massage.

2) Stay at the spa longer. I tend to jump up, get dressed and and run out after my treatment. I'll get more out of it if I take it slow afterwards.

3) Go to the spa more often. I tend to put off massage until I wake up and realize I really need one -- today! This year I'm going to get on a regular schedule of massage and facials. My ideal: a massage every two weeks, and a facial every four to six weeks.

4) Stop talking during my treatments. I LOVE my regular massage therapist and we always have a ton to talk about. But I need to stay quiet so I can get the full benefit of the massage, and talk to her on the phone.

5) Stay out of hot tubs and Jacuzzis. They feel great, but the chlorine dries out my skin and I don't think it's healthy.

6) Try a new destination spa. It's easy to fall in love with a particular spa and go back to it every year. But there are so many wonderful ones. I'm going to try one I've never tried before this year. (Haven't picked it out yet.)

7) Tell my therapists when I really, really love the treatment.

8) Keep my slippers on in the spa shower. You just never know what people are doing in there.

9) Get to the lounge 5 minutes before my treatment. I always cut that too close!

10) Stop getting stressed if the therapist is a few minutes late. It's just not worth it, and they'll probably make it up on the other end.

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