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What A Spa Trip Costs


Just because you're staying at a spa doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money. There's a huge range in the pricing at overnight spas.

A week-long stay in a room for four costs $750 per person at Tennessee Fitness Spa, one of many budget destination spas.

At the ultra-luxurious Golden Door near San Diego, a week-long stay would set you back nearly $8,000. And you can find spas at every price between.

Here are the factors that will affect how much you spend on your spa trip:

  • How far am I traveling? Spas are so popular now that there's usually one within reach. Take a weekend spa getaway near home and save on travel. If you want to have a more unusual experience half-way across the country, airfare adds to the cost.

  • How long do I plan to stay? Most destination spas have a minimum stay of two or three nights and it might go up to a week.

  • What's included in my package? Most destination spa rates include meals, exercise classes and sometimes spa treatments. Most resort spas are a la carte -- you pay for room, meals, classes and treatments separately. Some add daily resort fees or fees for access to spa facilities.

  • How much luxury do I need? If you're willing to share a bare bones room that you won't be in much anyway, the price goes way down. Motel-style rooms and rustic settings will be cheaper than plasma TVs and Frette linenes.

  • What part of the country am I in? The places that aren't considered great spa meccas, like Maine, Michigan and Ohio, tend to have spas with more competitive prices.

  • Do I want to make my spa vist on weekends in peak season? You can always get a better rate if you can time your stay mid-week in low season. Look for hot spa deals.

  • Am I traveling in a group? If there are enough of you, you can probably negotiate a group rate.

  • How many spa treatments do I want? Spa treatments are more expensive at destination and resort spas than your average day spa, so budget accordingly. And you may want more services than are included in your package. If you want more, book them before you go.

  • Do I want extra services like medical evaluations or smoking cessation, available at spas like Canyon Ranch Lenox? These highly specialized services will drive your bill up considerably.
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