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Spa Industry Business Articles
Guide picks
Spa industry business articles for owners, managers, and employees of the spa and fitness industry. Includes 25+ consultants & articles about starting a spa, trend analysis, product offerings, modalities, concept, demographics, competition, location, treatments, construction, insurance, customer service, training, employees, therapists, ethics, retail, marketing, merchandising, more.

Articles on Medical Spas
The Future of Medical Spas, 10 Steps to Developing Your Medical Spa… Avoid the Pitfalls!, The Medical Spa - The Next Generation of the Spa Industry, etc.

Spa Conference Reports
From ISPA, Spacifically, The Spa & Resort Conference & Expo, International Congress of Esthetics, etc.

Spa Industry Studies, Surveys, and Statistics
Spa User Habits and Attitudes from ISPA 2001, ISPA 2001 Spa Director and Spa Technician Survey Results, Hydro Spa Consulting's 2001 Spa Trends Survey Results, The results of the ISPA Spa Industry Study 2000, ISPA's 2001 Member Survey, etc.

State of the Spa Industry Reports
From 1997 to the present.

Spa Guide Review - Preston Wynne Spa Director's Intensive

Spa Trade Show Publicity Tools and Tips
Expand your audience reach and increase your return on investment with ten approaches you can take to make your organization's trade show experience more effective with this Spa Site Guest Article by Nancy Trent, owner and founder of Trent & Company Inc., a New York City-based public relations firm that specializes in publicity for the spa, fitness, and healthcare industries.

Adding Tropical Touches to Spa & Salon Treatments
Julie Register, Your Guide to Spas, attends Adding Tropical Touches to Spa & Salon Treatments, a Class at the 2003 Spa & Resort Expo & Conference's Spa University Presented by JAMU Asian Spa Rituals

Secrets of the Super Spas Revealed
A Spa Site Guest Article by Polly Johnson, Hydro Spa Consulting with Scenes from a Dream Team of Spa Consultants, Designers and Contractors Working Together and Spa Wet Room and Dry Room Set-Up Charts

Scenes from a Dream Team Session with Hydro Spa Consulting
A specific example of Spa Consultants, Designers and Contractors working together.

Spa Wet Room and Dry Room Set Up Charts
From Polly Johnson of Hydro Spa Consulting. Details of Suggested Set-up for Hydrotherapy, Vichy and Body Capsule Treatments and Suggested Set-up for Massage, Facial, and Other Dry Room Treatments. Chart indicates potential types of treatments, equipment required, room specifications, room construction and technical specifications.

Taking in the Waters
Polly Johnson of Hydro Spa Consulting examines “taking the waters” in American spas today, types of tub and shower experiences and how some spas are using water and imagination to approximate the mystical powers of a traditional European water cure.

Energizing Your Practice
10 “Gifted” Ideas for Creating Positive Energy Flow Between You and Your Clients A Spa Site Guest Article by Robin L. Silverman, President, Creativisions Consulting

10 Steps to a Successful Spa Launch
A Spa Site guest article by Caren Thornburgh of Virtual Spa. A must-read for anyone thinking about opening a spa and pretty interesting for everyone else.

Personality Profile of the Spa Industry
A Spa Site Guest Article by Caren Thornburgh of Virtual Spa. "Identifying different personalities will help you to work in harmony and examine how to leverage your personality's strengths and weaknesses, so that you hire a successful team. Different types of spas place different demands upon personalities."

Non-Traditional Benefits for the Spa Employee
Ideas from an ISPA Regional Roundtable - a guest article by Ellen Wickersham

Spa Employee Compensation
Guest article by Caren Thornburgh of Virtual Spa takes a look at spa employee compensation including aestheticians, massage therapists, receptionists, and spa directors.

Hotel Spas 101
A Spa Site Guest Article by Melinda Minton of Minton Business Solutions.

Spa Site Guest Article - Making a Profit with Hotel Spas
Hotel Spas: It is Possible to Make the Spa Equation Produce Profits...Here's How, A Spa Site Guest Article by Melinda Minton of Minton Business Solutions.

Spa Industry Trend: The Influx Of Men
A press release by Debra Locker, International Spa Association

SIC, NAICS, UN/SPSC: Breaking the Codes
An article by Julie Register written for Pulse, the official magazine of ISPA, the International Spa Association. 

How to Get Your Spa Noticed by Magazine Editors
Editors from Allure, Glamour, Lucky, Marie Claire, Self, Spa, and Town & Country Magazines have a discussion in the Media Panel at the Spa & Resort Expo & Conference 2000

Interview w/ Melinda Minton, Founder of The Spa Association
Education, group insurance, marketing assitance, employee retention, retail sales help, and more...spa industry association gaps that The Spa Association intends to fill.

A spa's first impression, may be your client's last.
A Spa Management Journal article by Terry Herman covering: Your image should encourage, not discourage, Present your clients with knowledge, Your client's experience upon entering your spa, Spa music, Odors/hygiene/cleanliness, adequate space, noise, products, etc. Never take you clients for granted

Retail Selling Can Save Your Bottom Line
A Spa Site guest article by Melinda M. Minton of Minton Business Solutions

What Fast Food Taught Me about Spa Management
A Guest Article by Melinda M. Minton of Minton Business Solutions

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