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Best Spa Vacations

If you're looking for a spa vacation and have a special interest, here are the best spas for health, romance, hiking, detoxing, and more.

Can I Bring my Kids to the Spa?
More families are looking to spend some "us-time" at the spa. Here's how to find out if your kids are welcome, where they can go, and what they can get.

Best Spas For Hiking
Looking for a spa with great hiking? These spas won’t disappoint. Not only will their guided hikes pump up your heart rate, they’ll take you through some gorgeous countryside.

Best Spas For Detoxing
The detox spas have various approaches to helping support your body's own detoxification systems, ranging from fasting to "detox light." This list of detox spas will help you make the right choice for you.

Best Spas With Lakes
If you're looking for a spa set on a lake, here's the best, ranging from spas on major lakes with waterskiing to little lakes, perfect for a canoe.

Pet-Friendly Spas
Looking for a pet-friendly spa? There are plenty of options out there if you want to bring your pet along when you go on a spa vacation.

Best Romantic Spas
Are you looking for a romantic spa for a sexy weekend getaway? Here are the ten of the most romantic spas in the United States.

Best Destination Spas
Here are the best Destination Spas in the United States. Destination spas are a select group of spas that offer a total spa experience that can help you jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle.

Best Budget Destination Spas
Are you looking for a budget destination spa -- also known as a health spa? There are plenty to choose from, as long as you don't mind modest accommodations. This is a list of the best.

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