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How To Spa

Learn "how to spa" so you can get the most out of your spa experience, whether it's at a day spa, spa resort, health spa or luxury spa. Get answers to all your questions about spas and how to have a blissful experience. Get answers to basic questions on "how to spa", like what time to get there, what to expect, and how to choose a spa treatment. Worried about nudity? Don't be!
  1. Different Types of Spas (13)
  2. Spa Etiquette (16)
  3. Spa FAQs (8)
  4. How To Choose A Spa (6)
  5. Spa Glossary (20)

What is a Spa, Anyway?
Spas are everywhere lately. What are they exactly? What do they do? And what should you watch out for?

Why You Should Get To The Spa Early
Your massage is at 3 pm, and you think a 2:45 arrival is plenty of time. That might work at the day spa, but it's a bad move at resort spa.

Spa Beauty Countdown
How do celebrities get that beautiful glow at the Oscars? They start by scheduling spa treatments a month ahead. Here's their spa beauty countdown -- and how to ready for your wedding day or big night.

Top 10 Reasons To Go To A Spa
Looking for a reason to go on a spa vacation? You can jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, reconnect with people you love, or just get away from it all and lay on the beach. Here are some of the best reasons to go to a spa - and suggestions on where to get the spa experience you're looking for.

Understanding Different Types of Spas
There are many different types of spas, and your perfect visit starts with understanding the difference between day spas, destination spas, resort spas, urban hotel spas and hot springs spas. Learn more about the different types of spas.

First Time At The Spa
First time at the spa? This article will give you an idea of what to expect.

How Much Will A Spa Cost?
Get an idea how much a massage or facial costs, and what you can expect to pay for a spa vacation.

Spa Etiquette: Stripping and Tipping
Do you have to take your clothes off for a massage? And how much should you tip?

Choosing A Spa Treatment
Even the tiniest day spa can offer a dizzying number of services. Should you get the aromatherapy or the purifying facial? A salt scrub or a mud wrap? Paraffin or algae for your body wrap?

Why I Love Spas
Are you a spa lover? Share the story of why you love spas, where you go and how spas make your life better. See submissions

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