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Brazilian Wax Cost

How Much Does A Brazilian Wax Cost?


A Brazilian wax usually costs $60 - $75 at a reputable day spa, plus tax and tip. You can get a Brazilian wax that costs less (I've seen it for $20 at Korean nail parlors), but I advise against it.

With a low-cost Brazilian wax, the waxer may not be licensed, experienced or able to communicate in your language. A bad Brazilian can leave you swollen and sore. To save money, the place might use lower quality wax, which hurts more, or do unsafe, unsanitary practices like double-dipping the stick in the wax, which can give you communicable diseases.

With a Brazilian wax, you want to develop a relationship with an experienced, licensed, skilled professional who does a lot of Brazilian waxes -- and it's worth the cost! Find out more about how to find the best Brazilian waxers.

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