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Coming Home From The Spa

How To Come Back To Earth After A Spa Vacation


Spa vacations are especially nurturing, which makes it is all the harder to come home.  This is especially true if it's a destination spa  or  health and wellness spa where the experience is about living better, getting healthier, and learning something about yourself.  It's often a place where you connect authentically with yourself and others, sometimes in a profound way, and it can be hard to come back to everyday life. Here's how to ease your re-entry into the real world after your spa vacation, and bring the spa experience home with you.  

1. Go To Spa Lectures & Workshops

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Most destination spas offer at least a few lectures about topics like health, human relations, and spirituality. They might offer workshops where you make jewelry or draw a mandala, or have healthy cooking demos. Try some of these things while you're there because you'll bring home something new, or even something you made.

2. Write Down What You Want To Remember

At a destination spa we can step outside our usual boundaries and experience ourselves in a new way and meet people who inspire us. Bring a journal. Write down the thoughts you have or the things you hear that you want to hold onto.  "Life is about more than just work," said a doctor who almost died two years before when I was at Mii Amo in Sedona, Arizona.  That's important to remember in America, which gets much less time off than other industrialized nations.

3. Bring Home Some Inspiration

Bring home something that will remind you of your visit and inspire you to stay on the path of health and wellness. I like to buy a piece of jewelry that reminds me of a specific trip. Most destination spas have excellent cookbooks, and their gift stores have inspirational books, beautiful exercise clothing, high-quality teas, scrubs and body oils that can all improve the quality of your life and help you remember what you got out of the experience.

4. Give Yourself Time To Transition

It's hard to have a life-changing, inspiring, relaxing, nurturing experience, then head the airport, get home at 11 PM and head to work the next day. Try to schedule a day or two to transition at home, integrating the experience in a way that is meaningful for you.  That could mean resting, journaling about your experience, shopping for healthier food, cooking a healthy recipe you enjoyed there, finding a new walk nearby, or telling a friend what you learned.  Think about how you can keep the spa spirit alive in your life, every day.


5. Have A Plan For Coming Back To Work

You go away to the spa and come back to emails, deadlines, pressures at home and work.  Before you go away to the spa, develop a realistic plan for re-entry.  Make a list of your work priorities for your return, but understand you may not get to them all.  Be sensitive to what tasks require brain power and creativity and what are a little easier, and match your task for your capability that day.  When you're first back from a spa vacation (or any vacation), you may not be as efficient as you usually are.  And it's okay. 

6. Have Another Massage When You Get Home

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Travel is so hard on our bodies. Even though you may have had massage at the spa, have another one after you get home, preferably within a week. It will help your body make the most of the treatments you had at the spa, and support you during the transition back to real-life.  And make regular massage a part of your routine to keep your body healthy and supple. 

7. Get Regular Spa Treatments

The destination spa experience is not just about having a nice few days and coming home. It's about learning how to take better care of yourself all the time! While you're at the spa and when you come home, think about what little changes you can make that would bring you closer to the person you really are, and want to be. Regular massages, facials and exercise are ways you can nurture yourself throughout the year.

8. Check Back In With The Spa Specialists

Most destination spas have highly trained and qualified professionals, including counselors, nutritionists, personal trainers, even spiritual advisors. Try to have a session with someone that addresses the issue that's most important to you while you're there, and follow up with them when you get home. You're worth it!

9. Give Yourself a Home Spa Treatments

Recreate the spa experience by giving yourself a home spa day every once in a while.  There are lots of treatments you can do for yourself to promote your health and relaxation -- relaxing baths with bath salts, body scrubs, skin brushing, body masks. Buying high-quality essential oils is another way you can help balance your mood and keep the spa spirit going in your life.

10. Get Enough Sleep

Photo by Getty Images: Adam Gault

Did you sleep better at the spa?  Chances are you did because you were exercising, eating well, and relaxing.  Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health.  We tend to give it short shrift in this country and celebrate the people who can get by on five or six hours a night, but most people need more.  If you don't have good sleep habits, try to develop them.

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