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Oscar Beauty Countdown

How Stars Get Their Skin Ready For the Red Carpet


Oscar Beauty Countdown

Penelope Cruz has that red carpet glow.

Getty Images: Alberto E. Rodriguez.

How do stars get their skin ready for the red carpet at big events like the Oscars? First, they have a whole team working for them year-round - a personal esthetician, massage therapist, personal trainer, makeup artist and stylist, so their beauty regime is ongoing.

Most people can't match that, but if you have a big event to get ready, like a wedding or prom, here are the spa treatments you should schedule and when you should get them.

How To Get Ready For That Big Event

* Year-round. Ideally, make facials and massage part of your ongoing health care routine, like exercise. You'll get the best results that way.

* One month to go – Get more aggressive facial treatments like microdermabrasion and glycolic peels. They remove the skin's outer layers and leave you glowing.

* One week to go – Get a to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and treat your face and neck. Extractions will have time to calm down. Ask your esthetician for a drying gel to address any last-minute breakouts.

* Two days to go: Get a body treatment like a salt glow to look perfect in skin-revealing gowns. Follow with a relaxing massage or hot stone massage. Drink plenty of water afterwards.

If you like that sun-kissed look, get a spray tan for a beautiful golden glow.

* One day to go: Get spa manicure and pedicure out of the way.

*Red Carpet Night!: All spa treatments should be done. It’s time to concentrate on hair, make-up and getting dressed to look your red carpet best.

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