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Green Beauty

How To Green Your Beauty Routine


Ready for a green beauty routine? There are plenty of green beauty products out there that are healthier alternatives to traditional beauty products laden with synthetic chemicals. Those chemicals are there to make the product last longer on the shelves or to have it look and feel the way you expect, like sudsy shampoo and silky moisturizers.

Why Green Beauty?

The problem with all those chemicals is that they absorb through your skin and end up in your body, often stored in your fatty tissues. Green beauty products will help you reduce your "toxic load" -- the amount of synthetic chemicals you put into my body. And it's easier to green your beauty routinthan you may think.

Here's what to do if green beauty is important to you:

  • Get educated and inspired about green beauty with '"The Truth About Beauty"(compare prices) by Kat James. She helps you overhaul your entire beauty routine to reveal your natural heath and vitality!

  • Start reading the ingredients labels of your beauty products -- shampoos, conditioners, body washes, deodorants, skin care products. If they're packed with chemicals -- toss them! You can also check them in Skin Deep, a cosmetics safety database created by The Environmental Working Group for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to see how green they are

  • Buy green beauty alternatives, but be careful. Sometimes products labeled "green" and "organic" are still packed with synthetics. Julie Gabriel has lots of specific recommendations in "The Green Beauty Guide" (compare prices).

  • When looking for green beauty products, consider simple substitutions like using avocado oil on your skin instead of mineral oil or mineral-oil based body creams. Mineral oil is a petroleum-derived product that sits inert on your skin and does not allow it to "breath" properly.

  • Make your own skin cleansers and deodorants. Pure Skin: Organic Beauty Basics (compare prices) by Naturopathica founder, Barbara Close, has some good recipes, as does "The Green Beauty Guide."

  • Give up your nail polish habit. Have them buffed instead when you get your manicure and pedicure. And say no to paraffin dips! They're petroleum-based.

  • Give up fragrances with synthetic chemicals -- which is just about all of them. Ajne Natural Fragrances has a beautiful line made with essential oils.

  • Use mineral makeup like Jane Iredale (compare prices) instead of conventional make-up, which is loaded with synthetics.

  • Look into green alternatives to hair dye, which contains known carcinogens and harsh chemicals that damage the hair itself. (I know, this one is tough! I'm still working on it myself!)

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