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Aromatherapy Associates Miniatures

A Tiny Bottle For Every Occasion

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Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath and Shower Collection, essential oil blends for every occasion in a tiny travel form.

Photo by Aromatherapy Associates
The power of essential oils is that they can do wonderful things -- lift your mood, help you calm down, clear your head, help you sleep. But you need to have high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils to get the benefit. And it helps if a master aromatherapist has put together a blend of oils that work well together.

This is exactly what the master blenders at Aromatherapy Associates have done with their line of Bath and Shower oils. You get nine different blends in the Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection -- one tiny 0.1 oz bottle for every occasion -- and the names tell you exactly what they're for.

A Blend For Every Occasion

Stressed out? De-Stress Mind uses essential oils of wild camomile, petitgrain, frankincense and rosemary to help clear the head and ease stress. Tired? Revive Evening is an energizing blend of geranium, patchouli and ylang ylang (and you can even use it in the morning).

Deep Relax is a blend of vetivert, chamomile, and sandalwood that is just the thing to help you slip off to sleep. And Support Equilibrium is a floral blend of geranium, rose, frankincense and bergamot for moments when you feel overwhelmed. Using the right oils for the right occasion is the essence of aromatherapy.

The essential oils are blended into a carrier oil, in this case, primarily coconut oil. This makes them easier to apply and slightly less volatile. But they are still powerful, highly aromatic blends, with enough essential oil to have the intended therapeutic benefit.

How To Use The Essential Oil Blends

Aromatherapy Associates recommends that you to use these bottles all at once, adding a full bottle to a bath or massaging it all over your body before you take a shower.

I tried this, but I really prefer to use these bottles a little bit at a time. When I need a little help, I put a little in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, and take a deep inhalation. That gets me feeling better immediately. Then I rub it on my decolette (if open) or the back of my neck. That ensures more oil will penetrate into my skin for a longer lasting effect.

I keep De-Stress, Support and Revive Evening in my purse, and Deep Relax and Revive Morning by my bedside. They are all different blends, and you might be attracted to some more than others. The nice thing is that you can find your favorite sand buy them in a larger size. The miniature bottles are very small and great for travel. The larger bottles are 55 ml, or a little less than two ounces. That's enough for twenty baths, they say.

An English Pedigree

The English were modern pioneers in the use of essential oils in massage and body treatments in the 1970s. The co-founders of Aromatherapy Associates, Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey, were in the vanguard. Geraldine and Sue both trained under Micheline Arcier, student of aromatherapy founders Marguerite Maury, an Austrian biochemist and skincare pioneer, and Jean Valnet M.D., an expert in the science of essential oils.

Howard and Beechey founded Aromatherapy Associates in 1985, and their integrity shows in their products, which you can either buy on-line or in spas. Hotel and destination spas that carry Aromatherapy Associates and offer treatments with their products include Mandarin Oriental Boston, Canyon Ranch Resorts, The Dorchester in London, Carlisle Bay in Antigua and Sandy Lane in Barbados.

To complement their bath and body oils, Aromatherapy Associates offers shower oils, body washes and a room fragrance to relax, de-stress, revive, and support. The company also has skin care products, an anti-aging line, hair care products, and candles.

I'm a fan because there are a lot of diluted, phony, even synthetic products that are touted as aromatherapy. But Aromatherapy Associates gives you the real thing. The essential oil blends are not cheap, but they're authentic -- and effective.

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