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What Does A Massage Cost?


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The cost of a massage will vary, depending on several factors: where you live; whether it's a day spa , resort spa or destination spa and how luxurious the spa is; and the type of massage you're getting.

Massage Costs Start At $75 an Hour

The cost of a Swedish massage generally starts at $50 for a half-hour and $75 for an hour at a day spa in small cities. The cost is higher in larger cities, generally starting around $90 for a one-hour Swedish massage.

It may be slightly less if you see a massage therapist in their home, or you're in a very small market.

Massage Costs More At Overnight Spas

A massage costs more at destination and resort spas. Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin Texas, for instance, charges $105 for a fifty-minute Swedish massage.

Prices are highest at a luxury hotel spa like The Spa at Mandarin Oriental in New York City, where a Swedish massage lasts eighty minutes and costs $305 plus tax and tip. Remember, however, that part of what you are paying for is access to their luxurious facilities. Take your time and enjoy them!

Specialty Massage Costs More

Specialty massages like aromatherapy or hot stone are generally more expensive than a Swedish massage. Aromatherapy massage generally starts at $90 in a small city and $130 in a large city.

A hot stone massage starts at $115 in a smaller city and can run to $160 or higher at a luxury spa in a major city or at an overnight spa. It usually takes longer, and the therapist has to prepare and sanitize all the stones she uses.

Tax is usually added on top of the price, and it's accepted practice to tip 15 to 20%. You sometimes can save a little money by going to a massage therapist at their home, where you aren't expected to tip. But you won't get to enjoy the spa experience, with robe, slippers, and steam rooms.

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