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Spa Treatments


All spas offer spa services like massage, body treatments and facials (also called spa treatments), but some have more unusual offerings like energy work, Ayurvedic consultations, tarot card readings, and thalassotherapy. Medical spas specialize in procedures like laser treatments and injectables. Find out more about spa services, from the popular to the obscure.
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Spa Treatments

Treatment room at Canyon Ranch on the QM2

High-quality spa treatments delivered in a serene setting are the very heart of a quality spa experience. Find out more about the most popular spa treatments, including massage, facials and body treatments.


Massage feels good and has lots of health benefits -- one reason it's the most popular service at a spa. But there are many different styles of massage. Find out more about massage, including why it's good for you, which type will best meet your needs, and how to get the most from your massage.

Specialty Massage

Stone massage at Mandarin Oriental

Specialty massage can range from the easy-to-find hot stone massage to hard-to-find specialties like watsu, which takes place in water and requires a special pool. Find out more about specialty massage, including lava shell massage, lomi-lomi and shiatsu.


Avanyu Spa at The Equinox in Manchester, Vermont

Getting a facial regularly and taking care of your skin at home will keep your skin healthy and glowing. These articles will help you understand what a facial is, why you should get them, and why it's important to take care of your skin at home.

Body Treatments

Golden Door Boulders in Carefree, Arizona.

Body treatments deal with your body's skin. The most common types of body treatments are body polishes and body wraps. A body treatment is not the same as massage, but it can be a good complement.

Waxing And Hair Removal


Waxing and eyebrow shaping is usually best done at reputable day spas. That's because you want people who are waxing specialists, and who have incredibly high standards when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation.

Energy Work & Metaphysical Spa Treatments


Energy work deals with the body's subtle energies, which can't be measured by conventional science. The practitioner senses the body's energy flows and blockages, and then transmits energy to harmonize the body's energy flows. While all massage has some element of energy work, certain treatments are quieter and more subtle and tune in specifically to that. Metaphysical spa treatments deal with in otd in the body's energy field and then " which can't yet be measured by

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