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Massage Therapists - What You Need To Know About Massage Therapists

Massage therapists are professionals who are licensed to perform massage on the body. Find out more about massage therapists - what they do, questions to ask, and how to find great ones.

How Do You Find Great Massage Therapists?

There are a lot of massage therapists out there, from newbies to masters. How do YOU find the greats? Share your story.

Massage Therapists

Looking for great massage therapists? Here's what you should to ask massage therapists to find out more about their training, style, philosophy and experience.

Choosing A Massage Therapist: Male vs. Female

Do you want a massage from a male or a female massage therapist? Here are a few factors to think about.

What Was Your Worst Massage Ever?

Ever had a bad massage? Get it off your chest! Share stories of your worst massage ever.

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists might be right out of school or have twenty years experience -- and it costs the same! Here's how to find good massage therapists.

Best Massage - What Was Your Best Massage?

What was your best massage ever? Readers share stories about their best massages


A masseur is a male massage therapist. Find out what you need to know about masseurs and where to find them.
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