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Wellness Spas in the Midwest

Health spas in the Midwest tend to be smaller and more low-key than other parts of the country. Also known as destination spas, these wellness spas still offer spa treatments, healthy food, exercise classes, meditation, lectures and a range of outdoors activities.

Minnesota - Birdwing Spa
Birdwing Spa's 300 acres in Litchfield, Minn., are laced with woodlands, ponds, fountains, hammocks and 2 1/1 miles of private, undisturbed lakeshore. It has fifteen miles of nature trails.

Illinois - The Heartland Spa
Ninety miles south of Chicago, this secluded health and fitness retreat is nestled in the heart of Illinois farm country. It's located in Gilman on a 32-acre estate with a private lake.

Iowa - The Raj
The Raj in Vedic City specializes in the rejuvenation treatments of Maharishi Ayur-Veda, a revival of the world's oldest and most comprehensive system of natural medicine. The holistic cleansing effect of Ayurvedic treatment removes longstanding imbalances in physiology.

Ohio - The Kerr House
The Kerr House is a gracious Victorian home in Grand Rapids, Ohio, that caters to just five to eight guests Amenities include breakfast in bed, exercise classes, and trails along the Maumee River.

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