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Top 10 Spa Music CDs


Spa music is one of the easiest ways to bring the spa experience home.  Spa music is calming and promotes a relaxation response.  You can play spa music to help you deal with stress (even at work), during your own home spa treatments, or near bedtime as a signal that it's time to relax. There are different types of spa music.  I like Eastern sounds, and have a strong aversion to tinkly piano spa music, which I find boring.   Here is a top ten list of the spa music CDs I like best. 


1. Spirit of Yoga

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I play this nearly every day because it makes me feel like I've been meditating for an hour as soon as it starts. Ben Leinbach's music has an Eastern sound, and a deeply spiritual quality. I can work to it, do yoga to it, meditate to it.
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2. Nada Himalaya

This music by Deuter is a gorgeous tapestry of Tibetan bells that I play when I need to calm down. It is called a meditation CD, but I find it to be exquisitely beautiful music.
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3. Wave Hands Like Clouds

This is a new favorite of mine by Beudi Siebert, who has an Eastern sound and composes interesting, beautiful music.
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4. Musical Massage

This is a three-CD set that is very low-key and soothing, the kind of music that won't startle you when you're getting a massage. I put it on as calming background music while I work.
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5. Ocean of Peace

This is from the Yoga Zone and is one of my very favorite CDs for yoga. It lasts about an hour, and the tempos seem to change at just the right point. It's also beautiful just for listening.
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6. Garden of Peace

I like this for all the same reasons I like Ocean of Peace -- it's the right length, has the right pacing, and is pretty listening.
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7. Ayurveda Moving in Time

If I'm feeling a little down or sluggish this seems to get me going. The melodies and rhythyms are designed to "balance your doash" and make you feel more vital.
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8. Tranquility

This is a best-selling sampler from Real Music. If you want to find out what harpist Hilary Stagg, pianist Kevin Kern and many other Real Music artists sound like, its a wonderful place to start.
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9. Letting The World Go By

Another compilation from Real Music, this is a good one to choose if you like a Western sound of piano and strings. Artists includes Danny Wright and Bernward Koch.
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10. Tantric Heart

This is soothing and sensual music, a great combination for lovers. It was inspired by Shastro's visti to the Kajuraho Temples in the North of India, where he was struck by the art that arose from the ancient tantric cultures of the east. Very romantic.
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