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Spa Travel Tips


A spa vacation is a significant investment. What can you do to make the most of your spa vacation? Here are some spa travel tips that will help you have a spa vacation that meets all your expectations.

* There are several different types of spas . Make sure you understand the differences between a destination spa , which offers an all-inclusive "immersion" experience, and a resort spa, which allows you to sample as much or as little of the spa experience as you want.

* Find out exactly what the property means by “spa.” You may be thinking a multi-million dollar facility, and they’re thinking a Jacuzzi and one treatment room. Look for photos on their website. Find a description of the facilities, including the number of treatment rooms.

* Book your spa treatments when you make your reservations. Don’t wait until you get there! If you wait, you may not get the times or treatments you want…and on weekends you might have a hard time getting in at all.

* If the spa has lots of classes and programs, check their schedule when you’re making your spa treatment appointments. If there is a lecture or class you really want to attend, make sure there are no scheduling conflicts.

* If you want to get the rest and renewal benefits of a spa vacation, try to stay at least three nights.

* If you’re going to a destination spa like Canyon Ranch, stay at a less expensive b & b or motel the night before, then head over in the morning to get a full day of activities in . They’ll let you stash your bags and use a locker til check-in time. You can use the same strategy on the way out.

* If it’s a destination spa with lots of programming, remember, you can’t do everything. Don’t try. Pick a focus based on what you need – pampering and pleasure; health and wellness; spiritual journey, or fitness – and let that guide your choice of activities.

* Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled treatment so you don't have to rush. Take advantage of the lavish facilities that most destination spa and resort spas have, including saunas, steam baths, and hot and cold plunge pools.

* If you are pregnant or have any other medical condition, let the spa know so they can suggest proper treatments. Pregnant guests should avoid any treatments that involve heat or otherwise raise body temperature.

* Consider taking a fitness class or getting a good workout prior to having a treatment.

* Leave your cell phone and pager behind when you go to the actual spa. A ringing cell phone in the spa is rude to others and defeats the purpose for you. Try to give yourself a break from the outside world.

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