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Spa Cost

How Much Does a Spa Cost?


Spa costs vary depending on where you live, what kind of spa you're going to, and the spa's luxury factor. A smaller day spa outside a major city will have lower prices: a fifty-minute or one-hour Swedish massage starts around $80 and can run to $125.

Spas in major cities, luxury day spas, hotel spas, and resort spas you can visit for the day have higher prices, with treatments that generally start around $125 and run higher, perhaps as much as $200. Read more on how much day spas cost.

You can save money by going to a chain like Massage Envy or finding a private massage therapist or esthetician, but don't expect amenities like spa robes, hot tea and saunas. Destination and health spas vary a great deal in the luxury of their rooms and the amenities they offer. Expect a wide price range in what a spa trip costs.

Prices begin at around $200 per person, per night (double occupancy) for simpler destination spas, usually with a two-night minimum.

A top-of-the-line destination spa like Canyon Ranch Lenox has a three-night minimum and starts around $700 per person, per night (double occupancy), but that includes meals and some treatments and all service fees. Once you get there, you'll probably want more services and treatments than come with your allowance. Resort spas and hotel spas typically charge a a carte for meals, spa treatments, and even exercise classes (if they offer them at all). Their spas are often more luxurious but have less of a fitness focus. If you want a pampering experience, this is the place.

You can save by traveling off-season, planning your stay during the week rather than on weekends, and looking for special promotions. You can also make the most of your time by arriving early in the morning on your first day and leaving late your last day.

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