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Ten Things Not To Do At The Spa


Woman receiving a massage at a spa.
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*Don't arrive for a 2 p.m. spa appointment at 2 p.m. Arrive at least 20 minutes early to check in, change and relax, or earlier if you want to enjoy the steambath and sauna.

* Don't spend your spa treatment talking about your problems at work, with your husband, your kids. You're just stressing yourself out.

*Don't work out and then show up for your massage all sweaty. It's not nice for you or the therapist.

* Don't hop into the Jacuzzi and then go straight to your massage or facial. Rinse the chlorine off right away. It's not good for your skin.

*Don't talk on your cell phone in the meditation room (or locker room, or anywhere in the spa.) It disturbs others and keeps you from relaxing.

* Don't treat the staff like they're servants and you're the Queen. You won't get their best work.

* Don't expect miracles. You won't permanently get rid of all your muscle tension in one massage.

* Don't rush off right after your treatment. To get the most out of it, you need time to rest afterwards.

* Don't forget to tip.

* Don't go have a big heavy dinner with wine right after a massage. Take it easy and drink plenty of water.

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