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What Time Should I Arrive At The Spa?


What Time Should I Arrive At The Spa?

It's nice to arrive at the spa early so you're relaxed for your treatment.

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Question: What Time Should I Arrive At The Spa?
Answer: It depends on the kind of spa it is and whether you want to use the facilities to begin the relaxation process. If you're just getting your regular treatment at a small day spa where you disrobe in the room or "know the drill", ten or 15 minutes is enough. If it's a day spa with robes, lockers, and a steam room or sauna you can use, 30 minutes is good. If you're going to a big resort or hotel spa with interesting facilities, I suggest at least 45 minutes so you can enjoy what you're paying for.

First, give yourself plenty of time to get to the spa so you don't arrive already stressed out and in a rush. You need a few minutes to check in. This can be quick at a day spa, but take longer at a big resort spa. If everyone gets there ten minutes before their appointment you might find yourself waiting on line and late for your appointment!

Then you need a few minutes to get your locker assignment and change into your robe. Ideally, you should take time to enjoy any facilities like a steam room, sauna, and Jacuzzi. It's nice to take a shower so you feel fresh for your massage. Give yourself a few minutes to relax in the lounge where your therapist will pick you up.

Remember, if you're late for your appointment, it will be cut short. And getting there in plenty of time helps you relax and make the most of your spa experience.

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