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Do I have to take all my clothes off for a massage?


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You can have a massage with clothes...or without.

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Question: Do I have to take all my clothes off for a massage?
Answer: A traditional Swedish massage is usually done without any clothes, but if you’re more comfortable keeping your underwear on during a massage, that’s fine.

There are also many spa treatments where you can keep your clothes on, including Reiki, craniosacral therapy, reflexology and Thai Massage (though it's not really a beginner treatment).

You can also get a facial and leave your robe on, though it constricts what the esthetician can do somewhat.

If you have concerns about being seen naked by the therapist during a massage, you should know two things. First, you remove your robe or street clothes and get underneath a sheet and blanket or towel while the therapist is out of the room. They knock before reentering the room.

Second, you are covered with a sheet or large towel at all times and only the part of the body being massaged is exposed. This is by law in the U.S. If you're traveling to spas abroad, particularly to Europe, attitudes towards nudity will be more relaxed.

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