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Photos of The Spa at Trump in Soho


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Trump Soho in NYC!
Trump Soho

This is an exterior shot of the 46-story Trump SoHo, which towers over the historic Soho neighborhood. Many opposed the luxury condo/hotel right at the edge of the neighborhood, near the Holland Tunnel. But "The Donald" always seems to get his way!

Photo by Anitra Brown
It's been a long time since Soho was an artist's enclave, with cheap lofts for struggling artist. Now it's one of the most expensive and desirable neighborhoods in New York City, with galleries, great shopping, restaurants, and a fun downtown feel.

Trump Soho is right on the edge of Soho, near the Holland Tunnel, and because it is so much taller than everything around it, it has fabulous views and lots of sunshine. It's one of the city's tallest non-office towers.

Trump SoHo is calling itself the first luxury hotel in downtown Manhattan. Its spacious guestrooms and suites feature floor-to-ceiling windows providing great views of the city's spectacular skyline and the Hudson River.

Owners and guests can enjoy dining at Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, the Kastel cocktail lounge, the pool-side Bar d’Eau and personal service from the "Trump Attachés". The Spa at Trump has two floors and the only authentic luxury Turkish hammams.

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