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Finding Spa Jobs

How To Find the Best Spa Job In The Shortest Time


Looking for a spa job, like from spa manager to massage therapist? Here are some spa job hunting tips to help you find the best spa job for you, with links to the best sites for spa job listings.

  • Write a great resume and cover letter detailing your experience and accomplishments. Make sure it’s honest, grammatically correct and has no spelling mistakes.

  • Decide what city or region you want to find a spa job and print out a "hit list" for spa job hunting by using resources like SpaFinder.com

  • Do your homework on the spas where you'd like to find a spa job. Is it a day spa , resort spa , medical spa or destination spa ? What product lines do they use? What treatments do they perform? What’s their philosophy? You can find out a lot by going to their website.

  • If you’re a massage therapist, esthetician , or want to work at the front desk as a spa receptionist, call the spa directly and ask to speak with the spa director. Tell her your name, the spa job you’re looking for, and little bit about yourself. Ask what her employment needs are right now and where you should send your resume.

  • Direct the cover letter to the person you spoke with on the phone. Tell her/him why you got into the spa industry, why you want to get a spa job there and the strengths you will bring to the organization.

  • If you can, get a spa treatment there before the interview to get a feel for the place. Observe the people working at the spa. Are they happy? Ask if they like their spa job and see what they say!

  • During your interview, notice how the interviewer treats you and other people. Is it the kind of spa you want to work in? Remember, you’re interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you!

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