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Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa Review

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Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa Review

The Spa at Sedona Rouge in Sedona, AZ.

Photo: Anitra Brown

Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa is a great choice for people who want sophisticated decor (including the ultra-urbane Reds restaurant), spectacular views, and top-quality spa treatments.

Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa is located on a busy commercial strip in West Sedona, but offers views of the spectacular red rock cliffs Sedona is known for. Sedona is just a couple of hours north of Phoenix and Scottsdale but feels like it's a world away, with its vortexes, swirling centers of subtle energy emanating from the earth.

Locals say that Native Americans considered it so sacred that it was not a place to live, but today it's a magnet for spiritual seekers, many of whom stay. Signs for psychics, crystals and vortex maps are everywhere. But if you're a skeptic who just loves the outdoors, it's still one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

Sedona's Surprisingly Urbane Hotel & Spa

Spa lovers will find some wonderful therapists and spa treatments at Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa, a surprisingly urbane property that combines both modern and Mediterranean influences. Half of the 77 rooms and suites have dramatic views of Thunder Mountain right behind the property. The rooms have comfy beds and big flat screen TVs, and I was enormously happy propped up in my bed, enjoying the gas fireplace.

I could hear a bit of traffic noise because the doors open to the outside instead of a hallway. And my room had a shower while I was longing for a tub after my fabulous massage. But Spa Rooms equipped with a Jacuzzi in the spa building would be a good solution to both issues.

Intuitive Treatments at Sedona Rouge

Set right behind the hotel in an earth-tone building, The Spa at Sedona Rouge has 8 treatment rooms and a spacious, modern feel. Just as you might expect in Sedona, it offers a full range of "Intuitive Counseling & Spiritual Discoveries" like hypnotherapy, psychic readings, or past life regression. But you can also get great massage, facials and body treatments from highly skilled therapists, many of whom worked at Mii Amo at Enchantment, a destination spa just up the road.

I arrived early at The Spa at Sedona Rouge to warm up my muscles in the steam room and outdoor Jacuzzi. It was only once I was happily basking in the nude that I noticed some balconies and windows on the second floor. Don't worry -- they're treatment rooms, not guest rooms, and no one will see you. Later I sipped lemon-infused water in the Tranquility Lounge, enjoying the dramatic views of the red cliffs, while I filled out my consultation form. I liked the fact that they take the therapeutic aspect of spa treatments seriously.

My therapist, Barbara Lepper, led me to a beautiful room with great views of Thunder Mountain through a picture window. We left the blinds up after she reassured me that no one could see in. Barbara has been doing bodywork for nearly 20 years, and gave me one of the best massages of my life. She started by asking me what was going on with my body (those chronically aching shoulders!) and truly customized the treatment, using an expertise honed over many years.

The Ninety-Minute Massage

She paid special attention to areas that often get short shrift, like the arms. Since so many people spend so much time at the computer, our arms and hands really do deserve more massage. And Barbara pointed out that working on the arms helps release tension in the shoulders. I also liked the fact that she didn't just work on one part and then go onto the next, but integrated her work with a big sweep of my whole side, from foot to hand.

I had the 90-minute massage and I'm a believer in longer treatments. This was truly a therapeutic massage where all my aches and pains had disappeared by the end. And the next time I did my yoga class, my neck literally looked longer.

There is a small gym, outdoor pool and a daily yoga class at 8 AM, but to exercise you should get out and hike! Grab a map from the concierge.

Things To Do Near Sedona Rouge

You're not right in the heart of the village, but it's a short drive. Grab a map from the concierge and go hiking or take a Pink Jeep Tour. There's also plenty of shopping. Don't miss Tlaquepaque (pronounced Tla-keh-pah-keh), Sedona Arizona's Arts & Crafts Village. For a psychic reading that won't freak you out, (I can recommend Kavitaa, a very kind Englishwoman and spiritual seeker who landed in Sedona.

Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa:

  • 2250 West Highway 89A, Sedona, AZ/
  • Room Rates: $160-$360
  • Room Reservations: 800-312-4111
  • The Spa at Sedona Rouge Appointments: 602-977-6400

As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with complimentary accommodations and treatments for the purpose of reviewing those services. While it has not influenced this review, About.com believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy.

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