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Best Spas In The World

Looking for the best spas in the world? Do your research before you book. Here you'll find some of the best spas the world has to offer, including best destination spas, best budget spas, and best resort and hotel spas.
  1. Best US Spas (25)
  2. Best Spas By City (10)
  3. Best International Spas (7)
  4. Best Spa Vacations (8)

Best Spas For Pampering
Getting a spa service because it makes you feel good is all right! You're worth it! And pampering is one of the things spas do best.

Best Spas For Wellness
Any spa can play a role in your wellness plan. But the very best spas deliver a wellness experience that will inspire you for years to come.

Best Spas For Spirituality
People who go to wellness spas to relax, work-out or lose weight often find something else -- a deeper sense of spirit.

Wellness Travel Awards
The Wellness Travel Awards honor travel destinations offering consumers exceptional health and wellness experiences. Winners are vetted by experts.

Five Great Spas With Hot Springs
There are lots of ways to experience hot springs and mineral springs, including remote locations in the wilderness, rustic historic bathhouses, communal outdoor pools and private rooms in lavish hotels.

Vegas Spas
Las Vegas spas have no equal for sheer size and extravagance. Most Las Vegas spas are as large, flashy and lavish as the hotels they re in. The more recent Las Vegas spas have also brought in fancy European technologies, like laconiums, ice fountains and water circuits. But it's not all about show.

Best Destination Spas
Destination spas offer a total spa experience that can help you jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle. Here's a list of the best in the U.S.

Best Budget Destination Spas
Destination spas don't have to be expensive. Here's a list of the best inexpensive destination spas, usually with modest accommodations.

Best Hotel and Resort Spas
Looking for a great overnight spa experience? These are the very best hotel and resort spas in the United States and Canada.

Best Spas in Arizona
Arizona is a spa lovers paradise. So how do you choose? This is a list of the best hotel and resort spas in Arizona.

Best Spas in California
This is a list of the best spa resorts in California.

Best Spas in Florida
Florida is a hot spot for spas. This is a list of the best hotel and resort spas in Florida.

The Hawaii Spa Scene
Hawaii has some of the world's most lavish spas, with year-round balmy weather. This is a list of the best hotel and resort spas in Hawaii.

Forbes' Top-Rated Spas in 2010
Find all of Forbes Travel Guide's five and four-star spas for 2010 in one easy-to-use list. This used to be the Mobil Travel Guide list

Giddy-Up! Dude Ranches with Spas
Many dude ranches now include spas and wellness experiences to their horseback rides. Find out which dude ranches offer the best spa and wellness experiences.

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