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Spas: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Straight Talk on Happy Ending Massages
A happy ending massage takes place when a massage ends with sexual contact and orgasm, usually through a hand-job. In the U.S., it's illegal, but not that hard to find.
Getting A Swedish Massage? Don't Expect A...
Swedish massage is a relaxing, full-body massage. Find out what happens during a Swedish massage, the benefits, and why it's called Swedish.
Enhance Your Complexion with a Popular Spa...
A facial is a great way to take care of your skin. Find out what happens during a facial, why it's good for your skin, and how often you should get one.
What Exactly Is a Hot Stone Massage?
Hot stone massage is a great, warming treatment, any time of year. Find out what happens in a hot stone massage, how the therapist uses the stones, and how much it costs.
How Sex Comes Up in a Spa...and the ONLY Time...
Sex and sexual energy sometimes come up in a spa. Here's what happens, what you should do, and when it's okay.
What to Expect During a Full Body Massage
What is full-body massage and how does it differ from other kinds of massage?
Spa Basics: A Guide to Getting Naked at the Spa
Getting naked at the spa can cause anxiety, especially for newcomers. Here's what to expect with spa nudity, and how to stay in your comfort zone.
Skip the Spa: Make Your Own Salt Scrub at Home
You can buy salt scrubs for $30, or you can make your own salt scrub for a fraction of the cost. Salt scrubs are one of the easiest home spa products to make -- and a great gift.
Are You Being Rude at the Spa?
Spa etiquette is easy to master once you know a few basics. Do you HAVE to take off your clothes? How much do you tip? And what should you leave home?
What Is a Swedish Massage?
Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage in the West, invented nearly 150 years ago. Find out what happens, and why you should get one.
Don't Rip Off Your Masseuse! The Spa Tipping...
Spa tipping is customary at spas, but how much and how you handle it depends on what kind of spa you're going to. Find out more about spa tipping.
12 Tips to Building Intimacy Through Sensual...
Sensual massage is a great way to build intimacy with your partner. Find out what you need and how to give a loving, sensual massage.
Is That REALLY a Spa?
The word spa conjures up images of relaxation -- but what exactly IS a spa, what are the different types of spas, and what should you expect from them?
What Is a Body Polish, and Why Do You Need One?
A body polish is a spa treatment that leaves your skin silky smooth. Find out what happens during a body polish and how it differs from other body treatments.
What to Expect During a Body Scrub Spa Treatment
Body scrubs are sometimes overlooked at the spa. Find out what a professional body scrub can do that you can't, and how to give yourself one at home.
Photo Facials: Do You Need This High-Tech Spa...
Photo facial is a term for a skin treatment that uses light-based technology. It can boost collagen, treat acne, and get rid of brown spots and broken capillaries -- but you need to know the difference between LED and IPL photo facials!
Getting a Facial? What to Know About Extractions
Extractions are the part of a facial that can hurt. Find out what they are, how they should be done, and whether there are any risks.
What to Know Before Your First Trip to the Spa
Is it your first time at the spa? This article will answer all your questions -- what spas are, how much they cost, and what happens there.
Looking for an Asian Massage? Read This First
What is Asian massage and where can you get it?
What to Know Before Getting a Couples Massage
Couples massage is a popular treatment at spas - and it's not just for lovers! Girlfriends and moms and daughters also like getting a massage in the same treatment room. Find out what happens, and where you can get couples massage.
The Sweeter Side of Body Scrubs
A sugar scrub is a gentle form of a body scrub, and ideal for sensitive skin. Find out what happens during a sugar scrub, and how to do it at home.
Follow These Tips for Smoother Skin Without...
Exfoliation is an important part of skin care for both your face and body. Find out what exfoliation is, how to do it, and why you shouldn't overdo it.
What Are Body Wraps...And Why Do You Need One?
Body wraps can be slimming (temporarily), hydrating, or detoxifying. Find out more what happens during a body wrap and whether they work.
What Is a Vichy Shower, and How Is It Used in...
What is a Vichy shower? And where can you get one?
How Often Should You Get a Facial?
How often you should get a facial? That depends on a lot of factors, including skin type, age and budget. Find out what the answer is for YOU!
Sugar Scrub Recipe
You can buy sugar scrubs for $30, or you can make your own salt scrub for a fraction of the cost. Salt scrubs are one of the easiest home spa products to make -- and a great gift.
Do You Need to Be Nude at the Spa?
Being nude is a big issue with first-time spa-goers. This article tells you what will happen and what to expect.
What Is a Spa Treatment, Anyway?
What is a spa treatment? Here's an introduction to spa treatments, including massage, facials and body treatments.
The 10 Most Popular Forms of Massage
Find out the ten most popular kinds of massage, and which massage is the best fit for you.
Should You Get a Male or Female Massage...
Massage therapists are either female or male, and deciding which gender you want is one of the first questions you're faced when you get a massage. Here's what you need to know about making the choice.
What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?
Deep tissue massage is one of the most popular massages. Find out more about what deep tissue massage feels like and how fast it can achieve results.
What Actually Happens During an In-Room Massage?
In-room massage is getting a therapeutic massage in your hotel room. So why do so many people expect sex?
Have You Heard of the Ancient Thai Massage?
Thai Massage was developed by Buddhist monks 2,500 years ago. Find out what Thai massage is like, and how it differs from Swedish massage.
What's an IPL Skin Treatment, and Should You...
IPL or intense pulsed light treatments are a popular and effective treatment for broken capillaries and brown spots. IPL is NOT the same as laser.
Is Massage Envy Any Good?
Massage Envy is a massage chain that offers massage to its members for as low as $59.99 a month. But how good is the massage at Massage Envy?
Do You Need a Sports Massage?
Sports Massage isn't just for athletes. Find out what makes it different from other types of massage, and when you should get one.
How To Find a Great Esthetician
Estheticians are trained, licensed professionals who give facials and skin care advice. Learn how to find a good esthetician who can help with your skin concerns.
Top 10 Best Day Spas in Vancouver
Although Vancouver, BC is a three-hour drive from my home in Washington state, I venture up there every six weeks to indulge in one of my favorite day spas. Here are my top ten day spas in this vibrant Canadian city. Divine, indeed!
What Is Microdermabrasion, and Do You Need It?
Microdermabrasion is a powerful exfoliating treatment. The original microderm uses aluminum oxide crystals; the newer diamond-tip microderm is more comfortable. Find out the difference, how microdermabrasion works, its benefits, and who shouldn't get it.
Bliss: The Best Day Spas in NYC
There are countless spas in New York City. How do you know which are the best? This list of the best spas in NYC by neighborhood will help.
Taking A Deeper Look During A Facial
Skin Analysis is the step during a facial when an esthetician determines your skin type, condition, and the best course of treatment. Find out more about skin analysis.
Brazilian Wax Cost
Find out how much a Brazilian wax costs, and why you shouldn't go with the cheapest price!
The 10 Best Massages You've Never Tried
Swedish and deep tissue massages are great, but sometimes it's good to break out of your rut and try something new. Here are my top ten massages to try when you're tired of the same old thing.
8 Things You Should Do before Going to...
Esthetician school is a big investment of time, energy and money. Here's the eight things you HAVE to know before you go to esthetician school, and how to find the best esthetician school for you.
How Facial Masks Can Help Your Skin
A facial mask can work wonders for the skin. Find out what's in a facial mask, what it treats, and how to find the right facial mask for you.
How to Give Yourself a Facial at Home
Find out how to give yourself a facial at home, and why it works best when you're also seeing a skin care professional.
What Will (And Won't!) Get Rid of Cellulite
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What Is Massage Therapy?
Find out what happens during massage therapy, the different types of massage therapy you can get, costs, and when you shouldn't get massage therapy.
The Best Spas in New York for Weekend Getaways
New York spas are some of the best in the country. New York offers a full range of sp experiences, including health spas, luxury hotel spas, resort spas and intimate inn spas.
How Much Should a Day Spa Cost?
Day spa costs vary widely. Find out the range of prices you can expect to pay for massage, facials and other spa services.
What Is LED?
LED is a cool, painless skin care treatment that can plump up your skin by boosting collagen and treat mild to moderate acne. Plus it's relaxing!
Hot Springs, Nudity, and More: Check Out the...
Some of the best spas in Germany are located in Baden-Wuerttemburg, with a wealth of hot mineral springs and a relaxed attitude towards spa nudity.
How Often Should You Get a Massage, Anyway?
Find out how often you should get a massage, and how frequent massage can help your health and well-being.
What Does a Massage Cost?
What does a massage cost? The price will vary, depending on the type of massage you're getting, what type of spa and where you live. Find out more about the cost of massage.
What Is A Body Treatment?
Body treatments are a facial for your whole body: they cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. Find out more about different kinds of body treatments.
What to Expect from a Korean Spa
Korean spas are growing in popularity in America. Find out what happens at a Korean spa, and how are they different from American spas.
What Is an Anti-Aging Facial?
An anti-aging facial focuses on high performance ingredients and treatments to exfoliate and plump up the skin. Find out exactly what happens during an anti-aging facial and whether it's right for you.
Find out more about the draping technique that massage therapists use during massage to keep you feeling safe and covered.
Korean Body Scrubs
I've had plenty of body scrubs, but none as effective as a Korean body scrubs. You'll be amazed by all the dead skin that comes off. Find out more about Korean body scrubs.
Why You Should Stick With Brazilian Waxing
Find out what a Brazilian wax is, what happens during a Brazilian wax, why to get one (better sex!) and how to get the best Brazilian wax job.
Try a Salt Scrub for Smoother Skin
The salt scrub is the most popular body treatment at the spa. Find out what happens during a salt scrub at the spa. You can also buy ready-made salt scrubs or make your own salt scrub at home.
What to Expect From Your Massage
What does a massage feel like? That depends on the kind of massage you get, and the therapist. Find out what a good massage feels like, and how to get it.
What is a Day Spa?
A day spa can come in lots of styles and sizes. Find out more about what makes something a day spa, what qualities to look for in a day spa, and what to watch out for.
Isn't It Time You Learn Some Basic Massage...
Understanding basic massage techniques will give you an understanding of what happens during a massage, and how to give one to someone you care about.
The Rise of Therapuetic Massage.
What is therapeutic massage and how does it differ from other kinds of massage?
What Is a Salt Glow Body Treatment?
A salt glow at the spa will leave your skin silky smooth and soft. Find out what happens during a salt glow.
The Massage To Get When You Want To Tune Out
What is a relaxation massage and how does it differ from other kinds of massage?
What Is Lymph Drainage Massage?
Manual lymph drainage massage (also called manual lymphatic drainage and lymph massage) is a form of light massage that is good for detoxification, edema, and people recovering from plastic surgery.
How to Give Yourself a Body Scrub at Home
At-home body scrubs are a great way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful without spending lots of money at the spa. Here's everything you need to know to give yourself an effective body scrub at home.
The Best Detox Spas in North America
Detox spas in North America offer a wide variety of detox techniques, including fasting, colonics, diets and spa treatments. Find the right one for you.
How to Find the Resort Spa That's Right for You
Resort spas provide a relaxing, pampering experience for people staying at the resort or locals. But there are big differences between resort spas. Learn how to find the right resort spa for you and what some of the best resort spas are.
How to Tell One Spa From Another
There are many different types of spas, including day spas, destination spas, resort, spas, urban hotel spas, mineral springs spas, medical spas and more. Find out how to pick the right one for you.
Gross Things That Happen At Spas
Spas are wonderful places. But people also do gross and inappropriate things at spas. Sometimes they're the therapists, and sometimes they're the customers.
Your Guide to Picking the Best Massage Oils
Massage oils don't have to be expensive, but you need to buy the right kind of oils. Find out which oils are good for massage, and where to get them.
I Survived a Swiss Nudist Spa!
Swiss spas (like most European spas) are quite different from American spas. For one they have a much higher tolerance for nudity. Wrapped in a peach towel, I was way overdressed.
9 Ways to Beautiful Skin
Beautiful skin begins with a good home skin care routine with products that are right for your skin. Facials and a good esthetician can help set you on course.
Top Ten Reasons To Go To A Spa
Looking for a reason to go on a spa vacation? You can jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, reconnect with people you love, or just get away from it all and lay on the beach. Here are some of the best reasons to go to a spa - and suggestions on where to get the spa experience you're looking for.
The Perfect Spa Manicure and Pedicure
A spa manicure and pedicure are more expensive than the corner nail salon. Here's what makes them different, what they cost and whether they're worth it.
12 Blissful New Jersey Spas
New Jersey has lots of up-to-date, luxurious day spas. Here's a list of the best spas in New Jersey.
Spa Bookstore - Trigger Point Massage,...
Spa Bookstore - Trigger Point Massage, Myofascial Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage books, videos and dvds
How To Find A Great Massage Therapist
Massage therapists can be right out of school or have twenty years experience -- and cost the same! Here's how to find great massage therapists.
What is Gommage?
Gommage is a highly effective form of exfoliation sometimes used in facials and body treatments.
What Is Reflexology Treatment?
During most reflexology treatments the therapist works primarily on your feet. Find out what happens during reflexology, and when reflexology is a good choice for you.
Do I have to take all my clothes off for a...
Spa nudity is a touchy subject for some spa-goers. Find the answer to this and other common spa questions.
Get Some Serious R&R at the 11 Best Overnight...
Arizona is a spa lovers paradise. So how do you choose? This is a list of the best spas in Arizona.
The Top 10 Relaxing CDs to Play at the Spa
Spa music is one of the easiest ways to bring the spa experience home. Here's a list of 10 relaxing spa music CDs recommended by an esthetician.
Everything You Need to Know About Body Scrubs
Here's what you need to know about body scrubs, including ingredients, price comparisons, and getting a body scrub at a spa.
Does the Hydrafacial Deliver?
HydraFacial bills itself as medical-grade facial rejuvenation that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates in one treatment. But does it deliver?
How Much Does A Swedish Massage Cost?
How much does a Swedish massage cost? Find out how to get the best deal and make the most of your Swedish massage experience.
The Best Spas in Las Vegas
Vegas spas are the biggest, showiest, and most lavish in America. Find out which Las Vegas spas are the best and what makes them so good.
Spa Dos and Don'ts
Have you ever wondered how long you can lie on the table when a massage therapist tells you to take your time? The answer to this and other spa questions is here.
When Two Therapists Are Better Than One
Four-handed massage is a sensational experience -- two therapists working on you at the same time! If you're a spa junkie, try it at least once.
Does a Massage Have Real Health Benefits?
Need an excuse to get a massage? Massage is more than a frivolous, feel-good indulgence. Find out about its important health benefits, and who shouldn't get a massage.
The Massage That Uses Finger Pressure
Shiatsu is a style of Japanese bodywork that uses finger pressure to achieve results. You wear loose clothing, and it takes place on a mat.
The Top 10 Romantic Spas in the US
Are you looking for a romantic spa? A sexy weekend getaway? Here are the ten most romantic spas in the United States.
Should I Go To Massage School?
Have you ever wanted to be a massage therapist? Here's the the things you should know, and how to find the best massage school for you.
The Five Best Spas in Tennessee - Budget to...
Tennessee spas include one of the country's most extravagant farmhouse inns, a budget hiking spa, and a fancy hotel in downtown Chattanooga.
Chemical Peels
Find out what chemical peels are, the benefits of chemical peels, the different types of chemical peels, and their differences are.
How To Make Every Massage Count!
Here are tips for getting the most out of your massage. First and foremost -- get there early!
Home-made Pumpkin Body Scrub
This home-made pumpkin body scrub recipe smooths your skin and gives you a nice home spa experience, especially in the fall and winter. It also makes a great gift.
Chair Massage
Chair massage is a fast, effective way to relieve tension when you're traveling or on a business trip. Find out more about what chair massage is and how to
8 Best Spas in NYC
The best luxury spas in NYC offer gracious service, excellent treatments, special couples rooms, even views and rooftop gardens. But it'll cost you.
The Most Spa-Loving Country in the World
Germany has a long history of spas and wellness, with famous 19th century spa towns like Baden-Baden - and a more relaxed attitude to co-ed spa nudity.
Getting a Korean Body Scrub
Review of Juvenex Spa in New York City, probably the most high-end Korean spa in Manhattan. It has a jade igloo, mugwort steam room, fantastic Korean body scrubs, and is open 24/7.
Getaway Spas Outside New York City
New York spas provide a rich range of experiences, including historic inns, affordable health spas with juice fasting, and an upstate casino spa.
How to Get the Most from Your Massage
How do you make the most of your massage? Read these tips on maximizing your enjoyment and the therapeutic benefits of massage.
Finding The Perfect Health Spa For You
Destination spas are wellness spas geared towards fitness, relaxation and renewal. Find out how to pick the right destination spa for you.
The Most Common Stroke In Massage
Definition of effleurage, one of the primary strokes used in Swedish massage.
Spa Hotel
A spa hotel, also known as a hotel spa, is usually found in big cities and tourist destinations, with luxurious facilities and higher prices than a day spa.
Why Lasers Rule In Skin Rejuvenation
Lasers are a popular treatment for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Find out how lasers work, what they do, and how to get a SAFE laser treatment.
A Massage That Makes Scents
Aromatherapy massage using essential oils is extremely popular. Here's what happens, what it does, and how to make sure it's authentic aromatherapy.
The 10 Best Spas in Virginia
Virginia is America's original spa destination, with hot springs enjoyed by presidents. Choose from this list of the best overnight spas in Virginia.
What to Expect from a Turkish Bath in Istanbul
Here's what happens on a visit to a traditional Turkish bath, or hammam, in Istanbul.
The Best Brazilian Waxers
How to get the best Brazilian wax -- how to find a great Brazilian waxer, and what you can do to minimize the pain.
\$50 Spa Treatments!
Spa Week offers $50 spa treatments in the U.S. and Canada every April and Octoberl. Find out when the next Spa Week is, and how to get the best deals.
The Very Best Spas in North Carolina
North Carolina spas provide a rich range of experiences, including historic properties, the biggest golf resort in America, and weight-loss programs. Learn about the best NC spas, and which is right for you.
Bad Facials
What makes a facial bad, and what should you do about it?
How to Know if a Medical Spa Is Right for You
A medical spa, sometimes called a med spa or medi spa, offer more aggressive and results-oriented treatments, but they also carry more risk. Here's what you should ask before you go to a medical spa.
A Day At The Spa
A day at spa can give you a chance to relax and enjoy some treatments without packing your bags. Here are some tips to make sure you enjoy your time.
What Are the Top Budget Health Spas in North...
The top budget health spas Are you looking for a cheap destination spa? There are plenty to choose from, as long as you don't mind modest accommodations. This is a list of the best.
Have You Been Missing Out On Hydrotherapy?
Today most people think spas are places to get a massage or facial. But spas originated around healing waters, and hydrotherapy is a wonderful method of reviving body, mind and spirit.
Spa Code of Conduct
When you walk you walk into a spa for your massage and the music is too loud, do you say anything? The Spa Code of Conduct will help you have a more satisfying spa experience.
The Best Spas in California
California spas are among the most beautiful in the U.S, and there are more than anywhere else in the U.S. Finf out the best spas in California.
What is Salt Therapy?
Salt therapy is believed to improve symptoms of asthma, skin conditions and depression. Today it is most commonly experienced in salt rooms.
10 Top Luxury Spas in the US and Mexico
Destination spas are a select group of spas that offer a total spa experience that can help you jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle. Here are the best destination spas in the United States.
Lava Shell Massage
Lava Shell massage uses heated seashells for a super-relaxing massage experience. Find out how Lava Shell massage differs from hot stone massage, and where to get it.
How To Find the Perfect Spa Day Spa
Trying to find a spa near you? Here's how to find spas, and figure out if they're the right spa for you -- before you even spend a dime!
Foto Facial
Foto facial is a skin treatment that uses light-based technology to get rid of brown spots and facial redness. Find out more about foto facials, including how much they cost.
Simple Skin Brushing Techniques That Prevent...
You can't go to the spa every day. But you can give yourself a skin brushing every morning -- and it's one of the best ways to take care of yourself.
What Are the Best Spas in Pennsylvania?
Pennsylvania has some of the best spas in the country, including the wildly popular Spa at The Hotel Hershey, with its chocolate-inspired treatments. Here are my picks for the best spas in Pennsylvania.
Traditional Indian Detox Around the World
Panchakarma is the traditional Ayurvedic method of detoxifying the body. Find out reputable places where you can get panchakarma in the U.S., Canada and India.
Top 11 Things You Need For Your Home Spa
This is a top ten list of my favorite home spa items -- everything you need to create a great spa experience at home.
The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York
If you're looking for a romantic spa vacation in one of the world's great cities, consider The Mandarin Oriental in New York City. It's located on the 35th floor of the luxurious Time Warner center, right on Central Park at Columbus Circle. Fabulous shopping and the world's best chefs are just an elevator ride away.
A Little Spa History
The modern spa is descended from the ancient practice of bathing in hot springs and mineral waters. This dates at least to the Babylonians and Greeks, and knowing people, probably much sooner!
What Is Trigger Point Therapy?
A trigger point is a hyperirritable spot that is painful, but there are highly effective ways to treat them during massage therapy.
The Medical Spa - The Next Generation of the...
The Medical Spa - The Next Generation of the Spa Industry A Spa Site Guest Article by By Alexis Ufland, Lexi Design - Spa Definition, Design, Development
Massage Therapists
Looking for great massage therapists? Here's what you should to ask massage therapists to find out more about their training, style, philosophy and experience.
A Good Spa Experience
If you're interested in having a good spa experience, there are a few simple things you can look for. Here's what to expect from a good spa experience.
LaStone Therapy
LaStone Therapy is a form of massage that uses by hot and cold stones. Find out what makes it different from hot stone massage, and when to get it.
What Is Pregnancy Massage?
Pregnancy massage, also known as pre-natal massage, can be very beneficial but you need a specially trained therapist. Find out why you should get a pregnancy massage and what's different about it.
What Are the Best Day Spas in Portland, Oregon?
To find the best day spas in Portland, you have to take it by neighborhood. From fancy Laurelhurst to funky Belmont, Portland has day spas for every taste and budget.
Spa Baths
A spa bath at home can give you all the relaxation of a spa treatment for just pennies. Here's how to create a relaxing spa bath at home.
Weight-Loss Spas
Weight-loss spas can help you develop healthier eating patterns. Find out more about weight-loss spas and how they differ in style, approach and price.
Being Massaged With Shells
A Lava Shell Massage is a gentle, relaxing heated massage. Read an independent review of a Lava Shell massage, and leave your own review.
Essential Oil
Essential oil is the pure, undiluted extract of a plant and has therapeutic properties when it's high quality. Find out more about essential oils and how to use them.
Never Mind the Spa: Here Are Tips for Detoxing...
You can detox at home by changing the way you eat and taking a closer look at what you put in -- and on -- your body. Find out how to detox at home.
What Is A Destination Spa?
What is a destination spa, how does it differ from a resort spa, and how do you find the right one for you? Find out here.
Massage Therapist
Find out what a massage therapist does and where to find them.
Thalassotherapy is the therapeutic use of the ocean and marine products to restore and remineralize the body. Find out how you can enjoy the benefits of thalassotherapy.
Great Spa Cities: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Hot Springs, Arkansas is one of the best places in the country to learn about the history of spa-going in America, which grew up around hot springs.

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