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Private Places/Calgary Anti Aging Spa

Reader Reviews: Spas You Loved, Spas You Hated

User Rating 2 Star Rating

By Cauchemar

Spa Name: 

Private Places (Calgary Anti Aging Spa)

Spa Location: 

#101, 628-12th Ave S.W. in Calgary

My Review 

BEWARE!!!! I found them through dealfind.com. I got a package for laser hair removal and their staff are not professional. They are often late for early morning appointments. I had to wait outside of the clinic and my 1 hour appointment was shortened. I had to deal with 3 different ladies so far and two of them were very rude. One of them did not speak English very well and could not answer my concerns and questions. They do not use gloves when touching my genitals and had to cancel my appointments many time because their one and only laser machine is continually broken. I asked many questions about their practice and effects and none of them seemed confident about the answers. It was very vague. No consistency in prices, they do not document what is being done on whom and have to ask you every time what you want and what you had done in the past. Please avoid, spend your money elsewhere.

Type of Spa 

Day Spa

What Are The Spa Facilities Like? 

Clean and Pleasant

How Good Was Your Therapist? 

Not That Great

How Was The Service? 

Not That Great

How Were The Classes & Activities? 

Not Applicable

How Were the Fitness Facilities? 

Not Worth Mentioning/None

How Was The Food? 

Not Applicable

Was This Spa A Good Deal? 

Total Rip-off

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Anitra Brown, About.com Spas, says:

No gloves? No knowledge? Run!!
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